About Rosenberg ECFanGrid™

A Rosenberg ECFanGrid consists of series of EC fans used in parallel. The resulting air flow is proportional to the number of fans used, with the pressure conditions remaining the same.  Fan units can be joined in any quantity or arrangement – 1×3, 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 – for virtually limitless application flexibility.

The use of electronically-commutated (EC) fans is not only highly efficient, but they form a perfectly matched unit for a cost-effective “plug and play” solution for individual ventilation requirements.

Comprehensive testing has been carried out in our certified testing facility and results are available for the asking. A white paper with design recommendations, as to how to apply a Rosenberg ECFanGrid, is also available for download.  

 Typical Applications

Air Handling Units


Redundant Systems

Air Handling Units

When applied in a typical air handling unit (AHU), a Rosenberg ECFanGrid offers excellent possibilities to optimize all available floor space. For example, compared to a single large radial fan, savings up to 50 % in footprint are possible. Further, the distribution of the air velocity over the entire duct is much more even. This increases the efficiency of downstream components and compensation sections can be made shorter.